Rejection – The Salt That Gets Rubbed On The Wound

Expectations, hopes, desires, wants, and even love can lead us down a road of rejections. Where each rejection hurts a little worse then the one before. When we are born in this world, we are not given a pamphlet of instructions that tells us a step-by-step plan of our life. In most cases we haveContinue reading “Rejection – The Salt That Gets Rubbed On The Wound”

Being Thankful for All the No’s

Rejection, a term that most, if not all people dread to hear and feel. According to the English dictionary the term “rejection” means “the dismissing or refusing of a proposal, idea, etc, and the spurning of a person’s affections.” Personally, I have felt “rejection” can mean dismissing an entire person, not just the ideas orContinue reading “Being Thankful for All the No’s”

Boss Bitch (scratch that) Make it a Boss Queen

As some of you might have notice, I did not write a blog post last week. It was not because I did not have any content to write about, but it was simply because I needed to place my energy into making some changes in my life. But don’t worry I never forgot about you,Continue reading “Boss Bitch (scratch that) Make it a Boss Queen”

Reclaiming Your Power Back: Liberating Yourself from Bondage of the Past

This week while we talk about taking back our power, I have a cocktail that fits the bill in terms of being sweet, refreshing, and yet packing a punch to help give yourself compassion while you get the strength to reclaim your power back. Sweet, Yet Strong Peach Tea 1-2 oz Peach Vodka (depends onContinue reading “Reclaiming Your Power Back: Liberating Yourself from Bondage of the Past”

People Pleasing and the Art of Losing Oneself

This week I met up with a friend for a social distancing lunch. As we got to talking, the topic of college admissions was brought up. Her daughter, a high school senior, is about to embark on her college admission applications. What is unique this year, is due to covid-19, apparently SAT testing has beenContinue reading “People Pleasing and the Art of Losing Oneself”